McClellan States Desire To Stay In Office

Kingsland Mayor Addresses City Council, Audience Before Nov. 6 Recall Election

KINGSLAND – With a recall election looming Nov. 6, Kingsland Mayor Tim McClellan read a prepared statement at last week’s city council meeting expressing his desire to remain in office yet urging everyone to exercise their right to vote.

Last Tuesday’s regular monthly meeting of the Kingsland City Council could be the last for McClellan to preside over if is he is not able to fend off next month’s recall. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Kingsland City Council will be on Tuesday, Nov. 13, which is a week after the election.

McClellan has served as mayor of Kingsland for the past five years. He is currently completing the first year of his second four-year term.

The following is the statement that McClellan read to the city council and those present for the meeting:
“As everyone knows there is a recall election scheduled for Nov. 6. I would like to make a statement regarding my position on this election. As the current mayor, I feel that I have provided a lot of substance to the mayorial position. Myself as well as all the department heads and the city council have worked diligently toward improving the city as a whole. I have enjoyed my time in the mayor’s seat and I do wish continue being the mayor. We have accomplished a great many things in the five years of my tenure and we have several projects that we would to like to continue moving forward with. This being said, I urge the citizens of Kingsland to exercise their rights as registered voters and let their voices be heard on Nov. 6.”

In August, a petition was circulated around the community seeking a recall of the mayor. State law requires that at least 25 percent of the registered voters within a municipality must sign a petition asking for the recall in order for it to be put on a ballot.

To read the full article, see the October 17, 2012 print or e-Herald edition of The Herald.

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