School Districts See Slight Drop In Enrollment

RISON – Both the Cleveland County School District and the Woodlawn School District have slightly fewer students this year compared to last year, according to the enrollment figures for Oct. 1 in each district.

The Arkansas Department of Education requires public schools to report their student enrollment on Oct. 1 each year. That number is basically a snapshot in time that is used as a benchmark to compare student population from year to year.

The figures are also used in calculating a school district’s average enrollment over three quarters of the school year. That number has a direct impact oh how much “foundation funding” the district will receive.

Foundation funding is the money school district’s receive for each student enrolled in the district. In fiscal year 2017, school districts receive $6,646 per student in “foundation” money. Districts receive that per student funding based on the average enrollment over three-quarters of the school year.

School officials point out that enrollment figures are in constant flux, and that the Oct. 1 are simply the enrollment figures for that particular date.

In recent years, both the Cleveland County and Woodlawn School Districts have fared well with enrollment, overall, especially compared to other school districts across Southeast Arkansas that are seeing steadily declining numbers.

To read the full article, see the October 11, 2017 print or e-Herald edition of The Herald.

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