County Jail Passes State Inspection

Review Committee ‘Applauds’ County’s Efforts Since Last Inspection

RISON – After being cited for failing to meet state facility standards the past couple of years, Sheriff Jack Rodgers told the Cleveland County Quorum Court Monday night that the county jail has passed its latest state inspection with no compliance issues noted.

Rodgers told the court during its regular monthly meeting Monday night that the state Criminal Detention Facilities Review Committee inspected the jail less than two months ago, and the county received the committee’s findings last week.

The Criminal Detention Facilities Review Committees are charged by law to annually inspect jails that house city and county prisoners to ensure that the facilities comply with the state’s minimum standards.

“Everything’s on the up-and-up,” Rodgers told the quorum court in light of the report. “We’ll get to operate (the jail) at least another year.”

Rodgers said that about the only issue the review committee found with was with the lighting. However, after Rodgers pointed out that the county is about to install new LED lighting throughout both the courthouse and law enforcement complex, the committee dropped the issue. As a result, there were no “deficiencies” found in this inspection.

The report could be considered a reprieve for Rodgers and his department after having to deal with compliance issues over the past two years. Previous findings ranged from failing to have inmate uniforms to lack of space for prisoners to meet with clergy, legal counsel, etc. and an outside exercise area.

To read the full article, see the November 8, 2017 print or e-Herald edition of The Herald.

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