Kingsland Festival a ‘Success’

KINGSLAND PARADE – Members of the Kingsland High School Class of 1971 take part in the Kickstart Kingsland Parade held Saturday morning. (Photo by Seymour Weathers)

KINGSLAND – The first-ever Kickstart Kingsland Festival was deemed a success, and one of the chief organizers said they are already making plans to repeat the event next year and make it even larger.

“In spite of the drizzling rain in the morning, Saturday’s Kingsland Festival was a big success,” said Sharon Crosby, a member of the Kickstart Kingsland Community Development Group.

The festival began with a 5K race/1-mile walk that morning followed by a parade, live entertainment, a cake walk, food vendors and activities for the kids.

Crosby said the parade, consisting of former Kingsland School graduates, was very poplar. “I was amazed at the Rison Band,” Crosby said. “They were awesome!”

There were bounce houses and a rock climbing wall for the kids, and live entertainment was performed throughout the day. “We had quite a variety of food to offer and most was gone by the end of the day,” she said.

The festival was one of the first events organized by Kickstart Kingsland, which is affiliated with the Kickstart Cleveland County Community Development Initiative. Crosby said the motive behind the festival was to raise money to help convert the old Kingsland Post Office into a visitors center featuring native son Johnny Cash as well as other notable local people.

“With the community participation and the wonderful help from our committee we made a very nice profit,” Crosby said. “Thanks to everyone for making our first, but not last, Kickstart Kingsland Festival a success that will help with the efforts of making the old post office into a Johnny Cash Visitors Center.”

To read the full article, see the November 8, 2017 print or e-Herald edition of The Herald.

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