Momentum Building For Third Annual Hwy. 35 Junk Hunt

RISON – Momentum is starting to build up and down Hwy. 35 in anticipation of the Third Annual Historic Hwy. 35 Junk Hunt to be held March 8-10, organizer Jennifer King of Rison said this week.

King said social media traffic about the event has been on the upswing for more than a week, and that three “hubs” are already being established along the route. Hubs are locations where various vendors can rent booth space to create a collection of vendors in one location.

King said the Pioneer Village at Rison, the old Grapevine School in the Grapevine community of Grant County, and the Drew County Fairgrounds at Monticello will be renting booth space for those vendors who would like to participate in 100-plus miles of rummage sales.

Sharon Gray, president of Friends of Pioneer Village, said both indoor and outdoor space is available for $10 per day. Each indoor booth space measures 10 feet by 10 feet and electricity is available. To reserve space, call Sharon Gray at (870) 692-3130.

This year’s Junk Hunt will follow the same basic route as before, starting at Hwy. 35 at Benton in Saline County and going south through Sheridan and Grant County, Rison and Cleveland County, and Monticello and Drew County.

King said she is proud to see individual communities along the route taking more ownership of the event this year with more organizations participating and expanding their local “loops.”

To read the full article, see the February 7, 2018 print or e-Herald edition of The Herald.

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