Woodlawn High School Takes Action As Illnesses Increase

RISON – Woodlawn High School has ramped up its efforts to battle the flu and other illnesses after starting off the week with student and staff absences running well above normal.

Meanwhile, other schools in the county, including all three campuses in the Cleveland County School District, report normal to slightly above normal absentees.

Woodlawn High School Principal Jeff Wylie reported that his school had close to 40 students out Tuesday, marking the second straight day that absences ran well above average. There were 85 students out districtwide at Woodlawn on Monday.

Though some are related to the flu, Wylie said many of the absences are related to other illnesses like strep throat.

To make matters worse, Wylie said he had eight staff members who had to leave for illness and other reasons on both Monday and Tuesday. He said of the 21 staff members who work directly with students, five of those were out Tuesday, which equates to nearly a quarter of the staff.

Wylie said they began proactive measures Monday to address the issue, telling staff to leave as soon as the last bell rang Monday afternoon so the entire building could be sprayed with disinfectant. In addition, Wylie said they are being much more aggressive in keeping all contact surfaces as germ free as possible by constantly cleaning surfaces with disinfectant.

To read the full article, see the February 7, 2018 print or e-Herald edition of The Herald.

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